Manufacturer of Insulated glass / Toughened Glass in Coimbatore Insulated glass is made of two or more than two sheets of glass with space partitioned by aluminum frame filled wiht high efficiently hasten dry agent. The edge of insulated glass is sealed by hgih strength sealing seaants. Features: 1. Energy Saving - for the low heat conductibility of the sealed air between the glass, the insulated glass can reduce heat transfer from inside to outside. Therefore, it can save energy by 30-50% 2. Sound insulation perfermance: single layer glass can reduce noise to 20-22dB. Normal insulated glass can reduce noise to 29-31 while special insulated glass to 45dB 3. Anti-dew: insulated glassis filled enough desiccant which can efficiently absorb vapor in the inner space or penetrate from out side to ensure the glass in inner space is absolutely dry and won`t dew.